Gulf Stream Collapse Imminent, according to new data

A recent study released on Tuesday warns that the Gulf Stream, an Atlantic Ocean current responsible for keeping Europe warm, could suddenly and catastrophically halt at any point in the next few decades. According to a study published in Nature Communications by Peter Ditlevsen and Susanne Ditlevsen from the University of Copenhagen, the Atlantic Meridional […]

Scandinavians are the first Europeans, according to study

Before the Viking Age, the Northerners had 13,000 years of history in Scandinavia. The early history of the Nordic region is now being rewritten when new facts from modern research are added. Scientific technologies such as modern DNA technology, carbon-14 dating, chemical isotope analyses of metals, and modern computer-aided linguistic research combined with recent archaeological […]

Woking the Dead

The managing curators of the British Museum have been accused of being ‘woke’ and virtue signaling to the public after banning the word ‘mummy.’ The museum claims they “don’t want to offend dead Egyptians.” You might think it would be impossible to hurt the feelings and trigger the social sensitivities of a 3,000-year-old corpse. Still, […]

Pathological Collecting Behavior

Collecting things is a common human phenomenon, confirmed in studies showing that 70 percent of children and 30 percent of adults have a collection. From an evolutionary biology perspective, it is conceivable that it has been a decisive advantage for humans to save on life necessities such as food and tools to maximize the chances […]

The Father of Cryptozoology

Often referred to as the Father of Cryptozoology, Bernard Heuvelmans was born on October 10, 1916, in Le Havre, France, to a Dutch mother and a Belgian father in exile. His interest in unknown animals was initially sparked as a young child after reading several science fiction adventures such as Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues […]

Deployment complete!

The US space agency NASA’s new space telescope has passed the last, decisive, and difficult step. The James Webb telescope unfolded the huge, flower-shaped mirror on Saturday, which will try to capture the secrets of space and which the researchers call the GoldenEye. – I’m emotionally taken. It was a fantastic milestone. We see its […]

Experts: “False Security With Omikron”

The spread of COVID infections worldwide increased by 71 percent last week, compared with the previous one. The infection rates are higher than in prior periods during the pandemic, also seen in neighboring macronation Sweden. On Wednesday, a new record was confirmed of the number of cases in mentioned country: 23,877. As recently as Tuesday, […]

The James Webb Telescope

Sometimes it does not turn out quite as planned. The James Webb Telescope was initially intended to be launched into space as early as 2011, but due to a series of delays, the launch has been postponed for ten years. Now it’s finally time. Expectations are sky-high (pun intended!) on Kourou’s European space base in […]

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