Micronational Creativity

For the first time, the Kingdom of Unixploria awards a Certificate of Micronational Creativity. The certificate is a way to encourage and inspire micronational leaders to be more creative. The jury has considered how well the recipient has used creativity to ameliorate their micronation. Creativity is an engine for change and a way for micronationalists […]

A New Treaty Signed

Hooray, what a joyous day! We have just signed a new Treaty of Mutual Recognition with our friends in the Principality of Woodlandia! We would like to thank His Royal Highness Hereditary Sovereign Prince Shawn of the Principality of Woodlandia, who was gracious enough to strengthen the bonds between our great nations by signing the […]

The Imperium of the DeWaCo Estates: New Treaty

The Kingdom of Unixploria has signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with our dear friends in the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates. We consider Chairman Corbett to be one of the most reliable allies and friends in the micronational sphere, making this treaty an honor for us to uphold. Micronational Manifesto Chairman Corbett wrote a Miconational […]

New Treaty Signed

It gives us immense pleasure to report that we have signed a treaty of Mutual Recognition with our friends, the Principality of Lorenzburg. May we both learn and grow! Lorenzburg – A Short Introduction The Principality of Lorenzburg, or simply Lorenzburg, is a micro-nation founded on December 1, 2014. The nation’s borders coincide with the borders of the […]

Mikronationer – på besök i hemgjorda nationer by Johan Joelsson and Jonatan Jacobson

“Micronations – Visiting Homemade Nations” This book has not yet been translated into English, but since the topic is of interest to all micronationalists, a short review may be of use to the community. The book is beautifully bound, and the layout is also pleasing with two-column pages on quality paper. The preface is somewhat […]

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