Giallo – A Genre without Definitions?

Introduction In 1929, Italy’s largest publisher, Mondadori, began publishing yellow-covered paperbacks for Italian readers. These were primarily stories of horror, the supernatural, slashers, sexploitation, and crime thrillers. These books and the genre explored within them soon became known as “Giallo” meaning “yellow,” due to their covers. Often, they were Italian translations of famous British and […]

Snow White and the Doctrines of Inclusivity

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Let the title swirl on the tongue and feel how it cuts against today’s inflamed political dogmas. For the ideologically sensitive, it burns. The film giant Disney has decided to make a feature film out of the whole thing, and emotions have caused a heated debate. It wouldn’t have […]

Screamers: Review

Screamers (also known for its original title, The Island of the Fishmen) is a handsomely mounted piece by Sergio Martino from 1979. He pulled in an impressive cast, including Barbara Bach, Richard Johnson, and Joseph Cotton, for an Island of Dr. Moreau-type action-adventure. The lack of exploitation elements (no sex and little blood) inspired Roger […]

Why you should buy physical media

Over the past decade, streaming services have run supreme, training consumers to think they can watch what they want when they want. Even if a film or show you want to watch isn’t available on one streaming service, it is likely available on another or to purchase as a digital copy. Unfortunately, streaming services have […]

The Rings of Power: Review

What has Amazon Prime Video done with all the money? That is the question after the two opening episodes of “The Rings of Power.” The price tag for the first season (of the planned five) is 3.9 billion UVI, so why does “The Rings of Power” feel more like a luxurious version of “Xena: Warrior […]

Deathstalker: Review

In a bygone era lives Deathstalker, an involuntary hero who, in his search, ends up between a ruler and the country’s rightful heir to the throne. He does not want to get involved, but he has no choice since he looks for three magical objects. He already possesses the sword, and the false king owns […]

Science Fiction: An Overview

Visions and images of the future surround us to an increasing degree. Science fiction has become a common feature in popular culture, such as TV series, movies, video games, comic books, and advertising. But what makes Science Fiction a genre of its own? What is Science Fiction? The science fiction genre is more complex than […]

UMA 2020

Another year has passed, but the Unixplorian Movie Awards’ usual festivities were not as glittery as expected due to the ongoing pandemic. Rather than announcing the winners before an audience, this year’s event was more formal. The winners were announced on UMA’s official website, and we’re happy to say that the list was as good […]

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