If you’re a fan of maximalism, you’re lucky because the style has a significant moment. Truthfully, maximalism has been a part of the design world for centuries—how it has manifested in our homes has changed over time, of course, but the idea of showing off all of one’s favorite things is by no means a […]

A craving for the 80s

In recent years, we have seen a growing craze for the 1980s, and the trend seems to follow us into the 2020s as well. Everything from synth-pop to retro arcade games has received a real boost through big hits such as the Netflix series Stranger Things. Our fascination with the decade of gymnastics in front […]

New reasons to celebrate!

The Kingdom of Unixploria recently updated the nation’s Calendar of Holidays and Observances. The government added a few new days for all Unixplorians to celebrate in the making. Among the new holidays is Geek Pride Day, an attempt to let your inner geek run free! Whether you’re a closet geek or geeky and proud, you […]

The Steampunk Movement

What is Steampunk? Steampunk can be described as science fiction in a Victorian setting. What began as a literary genre, has developed into a full creative boom that has become a subculture of clothing, art, film, and music. Origins During the 1970s three science fiction writers joined up to create something new. Authors James P. Blaylock, […]

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