Deep Space Communication

NASA’s Psyche mission, currently en route to explore a metal asteroid between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, has reached a significant milestone in its journey. The mission successfully executed the most distant laser communications demonstration, paving the way for future deep space exploration. The Deep Space Optical Communications technology demonstration (DSOC), a part of […]

Deployment complete!

The US space agency NASA’s new space telescope has passed the last, decisive, and difficult step. The James Webb telescope unfolded the huge, flower-shaped mirror on Saturday, which will try to capture the secrets of space and which the researchers call the GoldenEye. – I’m emotionally taken. It was a fantastic milestone. We see its […]

The James Webb Telescope

Sometimes it does not turn out quite as planned. The James Webb Telescope was initially intended to be launched into space as early as 2011, but due to a series of delays, the launch has been postponed for ten years. Now it’s finally time. Expectations are sky-high (pun intended!) on Kourou’s European space base in […]

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