Experts: “False Security With Omikron”

The spread of COVID infections worldwide increased by 71 percent last week, compared with the previous one. The infection rates are higher than in prior periods during the pandemic, also seen in neighboring macronation Sweden. On Wednesday, a new record was confirmed of the number of cases in mentioned country: 23,877. As recently as Tuesday, […]

Type 1 Diabetes, An Autoimmune Disease

Introduction If you have type 1 diabetes, your pancreas doesn’t make or make very little insulin. Insulin helps blood sugar enter your body’s cells for energy use. Without insulin, blood sugar can’t get into cells and builds up in the bloodstream. High blood sugar damages the body and causes many of the symptoms and complications […]

Important Information about the Novel Coronavirus

No cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Kingdom of Unixploria. So far. We live and work in a global world, and we live within the borders of a macronation that is suffering from the outbreak right now. Our macronational friends have taken steps to ensure that the further spread of the virus halts, […]

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