Peace with God

“Humanity resorts to sensible solutions when all other means are exhausted.” Abba Eban, once Israel’s foreign minister, uttered this resigned statement, accompanied by a sigh. We all want to make sensible choices after the genocides and death manifestations of the last decades: the Balkans, Rwanda-Burundi, the Middle East, and the terrorist attacks. Unixplorians strongly believe […]

The past becomes present at museums

Never has the past been so present. What once was comes alive in films or computer games that recreate what has disappeared with the utmost precision. History is preserved in the form of inner cities, restored to look forever as they might once have done. Or the same old songs are played repeatedly, from morning […]

Cancel culture does not belong in a museum but should be relegated to the dustbin of history.

In recent years, the museums of our macronational neighbors have been increasingly criticized for giving way to politicized exhibitions that convey knowledge. A few years ago, there was a considerable debate after the culture writer Ola Wong launched a frontal attack on how norm criticism and post-colonialism have become overarching ideologies that should characterize the […]

Break the Chains of Cancel Culture

Alexi McCammond’s journalism career was rapidly ascending. She was a political reporter for Axios and a fixture on cable news. Jeffrey Toobin was an award-winning lawyer-turned-journalist. He wrote for The New Yorker, provided legal analysis on CNN, and authored a New York Times best-selling book on O.J. Simpson. Mimi Groves was accepted to the renowned […]

Being or doing?

Work less seems to be the mantra of young Swedes recently interviewed for a major newspaper. The respondents have “chosen to control more over their working hours.” They are so sought after on the job market – working in the IT sector – and earn so well that they can afford to reduce their working […]

An Apology is Historyless

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands recently joined the ranks of countries that publicly apologized for their part in the ancient slave trade. At first sight, it may seem sympathetic. But the pattern surrounding the incident is full of confusion and cynicism. In the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter*, Amat Levin now demands in a […]

Fifa and Western Superiority

This figure of thought that the West is morally inferior to everyone else because of its never-ending imperialism has only become more fanciful as it has been used. But Fifa is probably setting a new record here. Three thousand years. The attack on Troy took place roughly three thousand years ago. Up here in the […]

Blinded woke culture

Woke stands for an awakening that one has become aware of. It has its background in African-American slang and comes from the word awake. Much like in the days of revival, people were talking about someone who has been awakened, that is, someone who has woken up from their slumber about God and now understands […]

The decline of cancel culture?

The Swedish Film Institute removes its previous requirement to “integrate gender equality, diversity and children’s perspectives” into its activities. The changes are welcomed by several people in the film industry, among them film producer Lena Rehnberg, who has previously been critical of the Film Institute’s focus on gender issues. – This is big. It is […]

All Questions Matter!

In the wake of the protests following the murder of George Floyd, Someone recently asked us if we support Black Lives Matter. We just answered that we stand behind Human Rights. The answer still stands, but we would like to elaborate on our stance. We believe in every person’s right to equal opportunity without being […]

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