All Questions Matter!

In the wake of the protests following the murder of George Floyd, Someone recently asked us if we support Black Lives Matter. We just answered that we stand behind Human Rights. The answer still stands, but we would like to elaborate on our stance.

We do believe in every person’s right to equal opportunity without being persecuted because of color, creed, sexual orientation, or gender. We do not, however, believe that anyone should be treated differently for the same reasons.

We do not find preferential treatment beneficiary for a society; merits alone are enough to determine if a person is suitable for a position, whether it is a job or education. So, our answer to your question is, no, we don’t support any specific ethnicity, but we do believe in equal rights for all based on merits.

That being said, all citizens have a right to protest to make their voices heard, but not when our democratic authorities have clearly stated a need for social distancing. It wasn’t their opinions, as much as how they went about it, that upset us. In any protest, there will be some shady characters too.

In our neighboring macronations, as well as in the US, there were criminal elements involved in the protests and riots. Let the police deal with them. That’s also why we’re hesitant about putting George Floyd on a gold pedestal. Police officer Derek Chauvin didn’t follow protocol when he murdered him, but Floyd was a criminal. I hope the criminal justice system in America and elsewhere will shed some light on all of this, and sentence the guilty parties according to the law. I hope this answers your question.

Erasing the Past?

We rarely comment on macro national affairs, but the recent incidents in Charlottesville, USA, have forced us to speak out. This is not only an American affair; it is an affair of political correctness stretching all across the Western world.

First of all, let us say that no one in their right state of mind would ever condone racism in any way. It is an inhuman practice that no civilized nation can tolerate. The fact that all men are born equal is deeply rooted in our Unixplorian culture.

It is with sadness we hear about racial conflicts erupting in America and elsewhere. We think the racial divide is now occurring in the United States and elsewhere is very unfortunate, and have led us to make the following statement:

We condemn the violence and certainly condemn all those using race as a legitimate reason for exclusive rights of any kind. We condemn the Nazis, White Supremacists, Communists, religious fundamentalists and others around the world using violence as a substitute for intellectual discourse; fascists and anti-fascists are just opposing sides on a mirror, and neither will hesitate to use brute force to achieve their goals.

We also condemn those who want to remove historical monuments to disparage the impact of past events. Nothing good can ever come out of erasing history, even if it may seem as if they’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Why not instead look at the past with critical eyes, thus understanding how far we’ve reached from the times of slavery and inequality between all races? If one were to take down all historical monuments, rewrite all the books to favor our contemporary viewpoint, then we wouldn’t have a history to speak of, we would just be lost in a time loop without roots.

People said and did horrible things in the past, but that doesn’t mean we should erase our heritage just because we disagree. Should we censor the news from all the heinous violence, terror and starvation and live our lives unaware of all these heartaches? No. Should we condemn racism and gender inequality whenever we see it? Yes, of course, but never to such an extent that we rewrite history to suit our agenda.

Let’s put an end to racism by focusing on a person’s merits instead of skin color. We encourage all Unixplorians to stand up against radicalism in any form. No one deserves special treatment because of their skin color, gender, religion or cultural identity.

Political Correctness?

You have the right to speak your mind, and so do others. Looking beyond the great Kingdom of Unixploria, the problem is that a minority in the Western world seem to think that they’re not allowed to speak their minds without being silenced by an elite.

I would like to know what those people cannot say. I follow International media, and  I’m the first to agree about the fact that some issues have been labeled as inappropriate by mainstream media. Criticizing migration, feminism, and religious minorities are a few of those taboos. However, these taboos are there for a reason; they’re part of what the ruling majority holds to be true, thus wanting us all to espouse these views.

I still criticize all three of them, and to this date, I’ve not been silenced by anyone. Maybe it’s just because we live in a nation where true freedom of expression and freedom of press reign, but I’ve never been censored abroad either. The political leaders and media may not agree, but neither do I agree about everything the media or politicians are telling me.

We have no law preventing anyone from criticizing migration policies, feminists or religious communities, as long as we do not offend others. The pressure to fall in line is pretty hard, though. It is not easy being targeted as racist, chauvinist and conservative Christian, even though I enjoy being called the latter.

In my opinion, a working democracy respects every man’s right to say what he or she believes to be the truth. Freedom of expression does not, however, mean that you can state blatant lies about other people, nor does it give you the right to use derogatory vocabulary. Within reason, you are free to express your views freely, or at least you should be able to do so.

I hate political correctness as much as the next guy, but if you are a victim of it, you must also be able to tell others exactly what the political elite is preventing you from saying. I want to be able to think for myself, but I hate lies and prejudice even more.

It is time for all men and women regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation to end this useless media fight. We need to stand united behind our democratic ideas which give everyone the chance to have their say as long as we keep it civil. Those who cannot stand behind this simple idea do not deserve my respect.

(And do not tell me to stop reading, watching or listening to the established, professional media. We do not always see eye to eye on matters, but that is, after all, the whole point of democracy, having the right to think for yourself. Besides, you are always free to write your articles, books or make your podcasts.)

What is Racism?


A racist worldview assumes that human beings can be divided into different races. It is based on an idea that people’s appearance, skin color, and other physical differences, would decide how talented we are and how we behave. Based on such alleged links between the presence and racial characteristics, scientists used to rank human races. Historically, the white or Aryan race, according to a racist ideology, was considered to be the highest standing race.


The most famous example of how a racist ideology has been used in practice, was when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany. Hitler believed that the Aryan race would rule the world and that the Jewish people were a threat to the survival of the white race. His solution was to gather all the Jews in camps. Other minorities were also included, such as gypsies, homosexuals and people with various types of mental illnesses. Those not killed at once had to work and live in camps in slave-like conditions.

South Africa also ran a racist policy between the years 1948 and 1990. In the so-called system of apartheid people with different skin colors were kept separated in all parts of society, from park benches to hospitals and schools. The white people of South Africa had both the economic and political power in the country, while people with different skin colors had little or no influence at all in the community.


Racial biology has now been rejected as a science. There are no longer valid, scientific ideas which support ideas of superiority because of race. We read about people who support a racist ideology. We now use the concept of racism in a wider meaning, i.e., a hostility towards certain groups or cultures that involves describing people in a negative, derogatory way without considering individual differences. The latter is sometimes referred to as cultural racism. Sometimes we also talk about xenophobia, which means that you have a negative perception of strangers in general.


The Unixplorian government stands behind rejecting the idea of racism. We also think that there are very few people who believe in the own racial superiority. Human beings must never be measured by race, but rather for the individual skills and traits we all have.

We do, however, see cultural differences as part of the problematic clashes which occur when migrating minorities meet a culturally different majority population. We need to establish standard rules to meet the challenges of globalization. We do not believe that all cultures are equal. Some cultures have evolved more than others and must aid cultures that are less developed. 

Lock Up Criminals – Not Fireworks

The government in our neighboring country, Sweden, has once again shown its incapability to handle the increasing criminality in its suburbs.

After several incidents on New Year’s Eve, involving fireworks, the interior minister of Sweden is now considering a ban on the sale of rocket style fireworks.

The proposal follows the criminal acts perpetrated during New Year’s Eve in several Swedish cities. Young thugs shot fireworks into crowds, rockets were even fired at the police and trains.

The Government of Unixploria is appalled of the fact that decent people will get their freedom limited just because law enforcement can’t do their job. Fireworks is not the issue at hand, locking up criminals is.

Decent citizens shouldn’t be punished for having fun, the criminals (well known to the police) should be penalized. Using fireworks as weapons should be equal to attempted manslaughter, and the criminal sentences should be lifetime imprisonment, no matter what age the perpetrators had.