400 heat records were broken last year

Last year broke 400 weather records, among them the highest measured weather temperature ever on earth. In July, in American Nevada, in an area popularly called “Death Valley,” the temperature peaked at 54.4 C. Ten countries around the world have measured their highest temperatures ever. It is partly about the United States, but also about […]

Weather Report

The forecast for the following week predicts a few more days of high temperatures before much-needed precipitation after this upcoming weekend. The temperatures have been close to 30C all week, so a drop in temperature will be welcome. The air quality is generally acceptable for most individuals. However, sensitive groups may experience minor to moderate […]

National Fire Ban

The temperatures here in Unixploria keep rising. We have just reached an all-time-high: 36.6 °C. Our neighboring macro nation, Sweden, suffers from severe wildfires. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all citizens suffering from the heat, as well as the brave firefighters trying to extinguish the fires surging around our borders. The previous fire […]

Winter Weather?

The weather in Unixploria has not been kind to us. Most Unixplorians love snow and look forward to snowy days on the slopes. Wintertime usually equals snow and cold weather on mainland Unixploria, but this has not been the case for the last years. The small amount of snow we received a couple of days […]

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