A New Treaty Signed

Hooray, what a joyous day! We have just signed a new Treaty of Mutual Recognition with our friends in the Principality of Woodlandia!

We would like to thank His Royal Highness Hereditary Sovereign Prince Shawn of the Principality of Woodlandia, who was gracious enough to strengthen the bonds between our great nations by signing the mentioned treaty. May both our nations grow, learn, and benefit from this treaty!

Please take a moment to learn more about our new friends by visiting their official website:


Also, give their Facebook page some thumbs-up:


You can also find useful information about the Principality of Woodlandia on Microwiki:


The National Flag of the Principality of Woodlandia.

The Imperium of the DeWaCo Estates: New Treaty

The Kingdom of Unixploria has signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with our dear friends in the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.

We consider Chairman Corbett to be one of the most reliable allies and friends in the micronational sphere, making this treaty an honor for us to uphold.

Micronational Manifesto

Chairman Corbett wrote a Miconational Manifesto some years back, in which he outlines what micronationalism is about. In a way, the manifesto is also symbolic of his nation’s stance on political views as well as a determined, passionate voice of the worldwide, micronational movement.

There comes a time in the life of all men when one must take a stand against the evils within the society where one lives; and by opposing such evils, one is commanded to establish a new beginning for oneself and for one’s posterity.

Thereby, setting aside one’s fame and fortune, in the quest for a better and more equitable social order; whereby, all men who so choose to embrace a more equal society are welcome to join and participate in the creation of a new nation.

Such is the case within the present-day world; whereby, the controlling authorities of all governments have all but abandoned the People of their own nations, and have instead, positioned themselves under the absolute control of corrupt corporate institutions, which are dedicated to producing profits, at the expense of not protecting their People.

Taxation without fair representation is a thing of evil; as public funds are diverted from the treasury of a majority of nations, and then gifted to the corrupt corporate institutions; which in turn, utilize said funds to produce and provide profits for the select few who own or control said corporations.

This must be corrected!

Wars declared without cause, but for profit, are also a thing of evil; as history has shown time and time again, that corrupt corporate greed supersedes reality, with regards and respect to a majority of past and present-day ongoing conflicts and wars.

This too must be corrected!

Corruption is the corrosion of a society; and where there is obvious corrupt decaying, and the eating away at one’s future, then is when a People are bound and obligated to correct such wrongs, and do so in any befitting manner as deemed necessary.

It is with this collective and common knowledge, that we do hereby ordain and establish what shall now and forevermore be known as the Micronational Movement; which shall, from this day forward, be a free and diverse approach to the creation of separate new nations; as well as, a universal unifying conduit of communication between all of the likeminded leaders, Peoples, and governments, all of which need and seek a new and just beginning for all of Mankind.

Micronational Manifesto by Chairman Corbett of the Imperium of the DeWaco Estates.

We welcome the Imperium of the DeWaCo Estates as our allies in the microsphere and kindly ask our citizens to visit Chairman Corbett’s Facebook page at https://facebook.com/DeWaCo

The official website of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/imperiumofdewacoestates/

Weather Report

The forecast for the following week predicts a few more days of high temperatures before much-needed precipitation after this upcoming weekend. The temperatures have been close to 30C all week, so a drop in temperature will be welcome.

The air quality is generally acceptable for most individuals. However, sensitive groups may experience minor to moderate symptoms from long-term exposure.

New Treaty Signed

It gives us immense pleasure to report that we have signed a treaty of Mutual Recognition with our friends, the Principality of Lorenzburg. May we both learn and grow!

Lorenzburg – A Short Introduction

The Principality of Lorenzburg, or simply Lorenzburg, is a micro-nation founded on December 1, 2014. The nation’s borders coincide with the borders of the city district of Lorensberg in the Swedish city of Karlstad. The area is approximately 11 hectares (110 000 square meters) and is contiguous with the districts “Rud”, “Kroppkärr” and “Stockfallet.” The district is mostly a residential area with villas and semi-detached houses. There is also some woodland, a kindergarten, and some playgrounds. The Principality is not occupying, by force or any other means, the territory of Sweden but is understood to be a kind of “double exposure” where the nation overshadows, like a parallel universe, the actual physical space of the town district in Karlstad. Lorenzburg aims to be a refuge for visionaries, free thinkers, geeks, freaks, queers, artists, scientists, and all others. Anyone, anywhere, can apply for citizenship. Lorenzburg is a Constitutional Paramythocracy (from the greek “paramythos” – fairy tale). The Principality of Lorenzburg was founded with the aid of a grant from the municipality of Karlstad, and the founding of the nation is initiated as a large-scale community art project focusing on urban agriculture, collective storytelling, and tourism.

His Serene Highness, Prince Beau Freï Jean-Seraphine Baltazar von Fräähsen zu Lorenzburg is the Head of State of the Principality of Lorenzburg. Prince Freï was born on December 4, 1976, and he is the present head of the Princely house “von Fräähsen zu Lorenzburg.” The Prince is a great protector of the arts and the sciences and he is devoted to issues of education and human emancipation. Prince Freï himself is a trained dancer, performance artist and writer. He is also the initiator to “Princes Without Borders”, an organization devoted to charity and helping refugee children.

Learn more about our new friends by visiting Lorenzburg’s official website.

National Fire Ban

The temperatures here in Unixploria keep rising. We have just reached an all-time-high: 36.6 °C.

Our neighboring macro nation, Sweden, suffers from severe wildfires. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all citizens suffering from the heat, as well as the brave firefighters trying to extinguish the fires surging around our borders.

The previous fire ban applied to disposable barbecues and lighting fires in the wild is now extended to include private gardens — the Royal Home Guard also advise all Unixplorian citizens to stay out of direct sunlight, and to drink plenty of water during the day.

The state of Israel and its conflict-ridden origins

The period between the proclamation of the state of Israel in 1948 and up to the Six Day War in 1967 is a time of great concern and strong conflicts over boundaries.

May 14, 1948, is the date that Israel proclaimed its independence. The Israeli Declaration of Independence, which guarantees equality and freedom of religion to all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity (Article 13) is especially interesting. It appeals to the indigenous Arab population not to flee but to stay and peacefully work together to build a common future (Article 16); a proposal for Israel’s neighbors to extend their hands in the hope of peace and acceptance to work together to advance the Middle East (Article 17).

Despite an attack of five Arab countries, the newborn state of Israel came out victorious. The boundaries of the land of Israel were based on UN Resolution 181, even though the Arab side rejected a private Arab land in Palestine. This means that the part of the country that could have been a Palestinian Arab country now becomes a mandate country – a state that no one can claim.

To avoid such situations, which in the future could create huge problems, there is legislation called Uti possidetis  (an International principle of international law which provides that newly formed states should have the same borders that their preceding dependent area had before their independence). In Israel’s case, it means that the boundaries of the British Mandate (the latest political entity) draw boundaries to what they looked like in May 1948. Thus, including the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank).

The absence of this legal fact is conspicuous due to its lack in the international debate regarding Israel. At the end of the war in 1949, Samaria and Judea were illegally occupied by Jordan, and the Gaza Strip was illegally occupied by Egypt. The Arab countries that attacked Israel without provocation, and with the intent to destroy the country, refuse to make peace with Israel, only a mere ceasefire agreement. The agreements are therefore temporary until the borders were negotiated and approved by the parties involved in the conflict. Legally, these temporary borders, therefore, have no relevance regarding future contracts, they are only the line where they stopped shooting at each other.

Since the Arabs rejected all proposals for peace, this status continues to apply. Judea and Samaria came to be called the West Bank as these areas are west of the Jordan River regarding Jordan. The West Bank did not exist before the end of the war in 1949. The boundary line to Judea and Samaria is often referred to as “the green line,” a name it got because they happened to have a green pen when drawing the temporary ceasefire line on the map in 1949.

The war in 1948 -49 created two refugee waves. The Arab wave was about Arabs who were asked to give the mandate before the war started and the Arabs who fled or were forced to leave during the war. Altogether there were about 472,000 to 750,000 Arabs, who would later be known as the Palestinian refugees. They fled to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Most of these refugees were refused inclusion in the respective countries or regions, and continue to be refugees to this date.

The roughly 160,000 Arabs who choose to stay in Israel did, however, receive Israeli citizenships and became fully integrated with the new state. Today they constitute 20 percent of the Israeli population, with the same democratic rights as all other Israelis. The Jewish refugees, the Jews living in Muslim Arab countries, become more vulnerable to pogroms than before, and the immediate confiscation of possessions and livelihoods took place almost immediately.

Approximately 850,000 were forced to flee, about two-thirds of them fleeing to Israel and one third to other parts of the world. All these refugees (which were never classified as refugees by the UN) were directly integrated in Israel, or to the other (mainly Western) countries they fled.

During the years 1949-67, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, encouraged terrorism against Israel and thus breaking the ceasefire agreement they signed in 1949. During the Arab League conference in Cairo in 1964, they agreed on wiping out the Sea of Galilee by diverting its tributaries in the north thereby destroying Israel’s only freshwater reservoir. They also decided on creating a united Arab military force with Egypt as the leading nation; to form the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) as the representative of the Palestinians and their militant liberation from what they refer to as the Zionist threat (one of many Arabic names for the nation of Israel).

Above all, the Arabs did not wish to create a private Palestinian land. In the summer of 1967, Egypt mobilizes large military forces at the border to Israel, while they order UN peacekeepers to leave the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt also closes the Straits of Tiran to Israeli ships and thus makes itself guilty of Casus Belli. A short time after Egypt then proclaims a declaration of war towards the nation of Israel. During Egypt’s command, mobilized Arab forces (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) moves to the borders of Israel while proclaiming the annihilation of Israel.

On June 5, 1967, they began attacking Israel with full strength. Israel retaliates by bombing the Egyptian air force in a defensive action. After six days, Israel stood victorious from this defensive war with a geographical area that was twice as large as before the war.

Israel occupied the entire Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights and regained the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. To start a war in self-defense – a defensive battle – is a legitimate legal action recognized internationally in the UN Security Council, Article 51. Everyone has the right to defend themselves.

Internationally, however, the Six Day War is the only defensive war that has been questioned. Regardless of what you might think about Israel’s right to protect itself, it is still equality before the law that applies.


The Kingdom of Unixploria will always stand behind Israel’s right to sovereignty. We believe that Israel has been neglected by the civilized world, but we also think it’s time for real peace negotiations if Israel’s neighbors are up for the challenge of unilaterally accepting Israel as a sovereign nation. So far we have seen little of the latter. 

Winter Weather?

The weather in Unixploria has not been kind to us. Most Unixplorians love snow and look forward to snowy days on the slopes.

Wintertime usually equals snow and cold weather on mainland Unixploria, but this has not been the case for the last years. The small amount of snow we received a couple of days ago is almost gone, and the only thing left to remind us of Winter is the bare trees in our fair kingdom.

Don’t feel bad, though, spring is but a month away!

Christmas Sales Reached an All-Time High

Unixplorians spend more and more of their hard earned money on Christmas gifts to friends and family.

According to several shop proprietors in Stronghaven, they have never wrapped more Christmas gifts than they did last year. Almost a third of their annual profit now comes from their Christmas sales. The most common gifts in Unixploria for Christmas this year were books, fountain pens, clothes, and movies.