Snow White and the Doctrines of Inclusivity

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Let the title swirl on the tongue and feel how it cuts against today’s inflamed political dogmas. For the ideologically sensitive, it burns. The film giant Disney has decided to make a feature film out of the whole thing, and emotions have caused a heated debate. It wouldn’t have […]

Cancel culture does not belong in a museum but should be relegated to the dustbin of history.

In recent years, the museums of our macronational neighbors have been increasingly criticized for giving way to politicized exhibitions that convey knowledge. A few years ago, there was a considerable debate after the culture writer Ola Wong launched a frontal attack on how norm criticism and post-colonialism have become overarching ideologies that should characterize the […]

Break the Chains of Cancel Culture

Alexi McCammond’s journalism career was rapidly ascending. She was a political reporter for Axios and a fixture on cable news. Jeffrey Toobin was an award-winning lawyer-turned-journalist. He wrote for The New Yorker, provided legal analysis on CNN, and authored a New York Times best-selling book on O.J. Simpson. Mimi Groves was accepted to the renowned […]

Blinded woke culture

Woke stands for an awakening that one has become aware of. It has its background in African-American slang and comes from the word awake. Much like in the days of revival, people were talking about someone who has been awakened, that is, someone who has woken up from their slumber about God and now understands […]

The decline of cancel culture?

The Swedish Film Institute removes its previous requirement to “integrate gender equality, diversity and children’s perspectives” into its activities. The changes are welcomed by several people in the film industry, among them film producer Lena Rehnberg, who has previously been critical of the Film Institute’s focus on gender issues. – This is big. It is […]

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