Giallo – A Genre without Definitions?

Introduction In 1929, Italy’s largest publisher, Mondadori, began publishing yellow-covered paperbacks for Italian readers. These were primarily stories of horror, the supernatural, slashers, sexploitation, and crime thrillers. These books and the genre explored within them soon became known as “Giallo” meaning “yellow,” due to their covers. Often, they were Italian translations of famous British and […]

Erdogan’s Pride

On Saturday, the Pride parade in Stockholm, our neighboring macronational capital, was a star-studded event with many celebrities in attendance. Most of the political party leaders were also present, along with a puppet that represented the Turkish President Erdogan. This puppet caused controversy in Ankara last spring. Turkey has observed that the Erdogan doll has […]

Peace with God

“Humanity resorts to sensible solutions when all other means are exhausted.” Abba Eban, once Israel’s foreign minister, uttered this resigned statement, accompanied by a sigh. We all want to make sensible choices after the genocides and death manifestations of the last decades: the Balkans, Rwanda-Burundi, the Middle East, and the terrorist attacks. Unixplorians strongly believe […]

Snow White and the Doctrines of Inclusivity

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Let the title swirl on the tongue and feel how it cuts against today’s inflamed political dogmas. For the ideologically sensitive, it burns. The film giant Disney has decided to make a feature film out of the whole thing, and emotions have caused a heated debate. It wouldn’t have […]

Gulf Stream Collapse Imminent, according to new data

A recent study released on Tuesday warns that the Gulf Stream, an Atlantic Ocean current responsible for keeping Europe warm, could suddenly and catastrophically halt at any point in the next few decades. According to a study published in Nature Communications by Peter Ditlevsen and Susanne Ditlevsen from the University of Copenhagen, the Atlantic Meridional […]

The past becomes present at museums

Never has the past been so present. What once was comes alive in films or computer games that recreate what has disappeared with the utmost precision. History is preserved in the form of inner cities, restored to look forever as they might once have done. Or the same old songs are played repeatedly, from morning […]

Wimbledon, The Tournament of Champions

Introduction The Wimbledon Championships, commonly known simply as Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is widely regarded as the most prestigious. It has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, since 1877 and has been played on outdoor grass courts, with retractable roofs over the two main courts […]

Burning books?

The recent practice of burning books in a neighboring country has sparked a discussion about the act of “desecrating” the Quran. Burning books is undoubtedly an act of stupidity and a violation of common sense, but not against the law. As citizens of the Kingdom of Unixploria, we believe in upholding the values of free […]

New language policy passed in parliament

The government, led by Alliance for Unixploria, passed a new bill (UB 100:1A:7.6.2023) in parliament concerning our kingdom’s language policy. In short, it will give non-native English users more freedom to use local languages. In return, English will remain the official language of the Kingdom and Empire of Unixploria. Official and National Languages of the […]

Sweden celebrates 500 years

Today Sweden celebrates its 500th anniversary. It is 500 years since Gustav Vasa was elected King of Sweden on June 6 at the national assembly in Strängnäs. Then and there, Sweden became independent and has been so ever since. That’s why our macronational neighbors celebrate Sweden’s National Day on June 6 yearly. This year there’s […]

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