Happy April Fools’ Day!

April Fools’ Day, which falls on April 1st each year, has been celebrated for centuries by various cultures, though its exact origins are unknown. Traditions associated with April Fools’ Day include playing hoaxes or practical jokes on others, often followed by shouting “April Fools!” to reveal the prank. Despite its mysterious history, the media and […]

Tintin Inspired Kit for Belgian Football Team

Adidas and the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) have unveiled the new home and away kits for Belgium’s national teams. The new home kit features a rich shade of red, with striking gold details and a stylish graphic pattern embossed on the jersey. The away kit pays tribute to Belgian cartoonist Hergé and his most […]

Freedom of Expression On Trial

In the upcoming days, it will be decided whether Julian Assange should be extradited from Great Britain to the United States. If the court decides to extradite him, Assange faces up to 175 years in prison under US espionage laws. Julian Assange is ill and in poor condition, according to all reports from inside the […]

Sports Bizarre: Shovel Racing

What’s it about? Shovel racing is a snow sport in which riders race down a snowy hill while riding on a shovel. The sport is practiced on typical snow shovels as well as on modified shovel-based sleds. Riders sit on the shovel facing the handle and lean back with their feet pointed forward. The elite […]

Golden Mole spotted

Great news! A species of golden mole, believed to be extinct, has been rediscovered after over 80 years. The De Winton’s golden mole was last seen in 1937, and researchers have been searching extensively for it. Finally, the cute little creature was found in the sand dunes of South Africa. Unlike most moles that burrow […]

Stockholm Bloodbath: Review

In the early 1500s, King Christian II of Denmark and Norway added Sweden to his “union” through brutal battles. In 1520, Christian was crowned King of Sweden by Swedish archbishop Gustav Trolle, who was pro-Danish and helped by an army of German and Scottish mercenaries. After the coronation, Trolle demanded compensation from those who opposed […]

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark announces abdication

In her New Year speech, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark announced that she would abdicate the throne after 52 years. The announcement came as a surprise to the nation. She declared that she would step down on 14th January, which marks the 52nd anniversary of her accession. After her abdication, the throne will be passed […]

Breed-Specific Legislation

Recently, the United Kingdom placed an ownership ban on American XL Bully dogs. A nationwide ban will come into effect at the end of the year. In that instance, a spate of attacks resulted in multiple children being injured and two fatalities from XL bullies – all in separate incidents. Other countries have implemented similar […]

Plantations will be Turned Back into Forests

The palm oil boom changed Southeast Asia forever, but Indonesia’s government will not let bygones be. It has set up a task force to comb through all oil palm plantations and force those created on protected land to leave. The government estimates that half a million acres, or around 200,000 hectares of plantations, will be […]

Deep Space Communication

NASA’s Psyche mission, currently en route to explore a metal asteroid between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, has reached a significant milestone in its journey. The mission successfully executed the most distant laser communications demonstration, paving the way for future deep space exploration. The Deep Space Optical Communications technology demonstration (DSOC), a part of […]

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