Plantations will be Turned Back into Forests

The palm oil boom changed Southeast Asia forever, but Indonesia’s government will not let bygones be. It has set up a task force to comb through all oil palm plantations and force those created on protected land to leave. The government estimates that half a million acres, or around 200,000 hectares of plantations, will be […]

Deep Space Communication

NASA’s Psyche mission, currently en route to explore a metal asteroid between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, has reached a significant milestone in its journey. The mission successfully executed the most distant laser communications demonstration, paving the way for future deep space exploration. The Deep Space Optical Communications technology demonstration (DSOC), a part of […]

Flat-packed car for urban driving

It isn’t likely to be your next home DIY project, but a company is looking to turn IKEA’s flat-packed furniture design into cars. The Swedish vehicle start-up Luvly is finishing up its inaugural model, the O, which is designed to be so light and modular that it can be flat-packed to save thousands of tons […]

Lego bricks coded with braille to help vision-impaired children read.

Lego are selling bricks coded with braille to help vision-impaired children read. Bricks with studs corresponding to braille numbers and letters are available from September this year. Lego is to sell bricks coded with braille to help blind and partially sighted children learn to read the touch-based alphabet. The Danish toymaker has been providing specialist […]

Gender is coded by chromosomes

Since the 1970s, people who have been diagnosed with transsexualism after examination by a medical specialist have been able to change their legal gender, which approximately 6,000 people in neighboring Sweden have done so far. But now, according to a new ly proposed macronational legislation, everyone will be able to choose gender quickly and easily, […]

A Conflict with Questionable History

Introduction Has there ever been a Palestinian State? The question has once again resurfaced after the latest terrorist attacks against Israel. The conflicts in the Middle East have been endless, and there are no democracies in the entire region besides Israel. Our stance has always been to side with the only democracy in the area. […]

Are We Living in the Tribulation?

Introduction Are we in the Tribulation yet? The Bible gives us a lot of information about this horrible period of seven years that is fast approaching. The entire book of Zephaniah is devoted to it. In addition to many other Old Testament passages, like Isaiah 24, fourteen chapters in the book of Revelation focus on […]

Giallo – A Genre without Definitions?

Introduction In 1929, Italy’s largest publisher, Mondadori, began publishing yellow-covered paperbacks for Italian readers. These were primarily stories of horror, the supernatural, slashers, sexploitation, and crime thrillers. These books and the genre explored within them soon became known as “Giallo” meaning “yellow,” due to their covers. Often, they were Italian translations of famous British and […]

Erdogan’s Pride

On Saturday, the Pride parade in Stockholm, our neighboring macronational capital, was a star-studded event with many celebrities in attendance. Most of the political party leaders were also present, along with a puppet that represented the Turkish President Erdogan. This puppet caused controversy in Ankara last spring. Turkey has observed that the Erdogan doll has […]

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