New language proposal: parliamentary negotiations halted

The new language proposition has been debated in parliament ever since AFU announced its unique take on our nation’s language policy. Several of AFU’s members who want to keep English as an official language in our great kingdom have joined the opposition. Those opposing the new bill have stated that we can have both English […]

Vaping: Flavors allowed

The use of e-cigarettes, often called vaping, is not harmless. The risk of injury is more significant among young people, and the use of both flavored and unflavored e-cigarettes should therefore be minimized, which is why Unixploria has an 18-year age limit for purchasing the products. Most diseases due to smoking are due to the […]

Official Languages: New Proposition

The new government has proposed a bill concerning what official languages our great kingdom will use in the future. English and Swedish are currently our official languages. Still, the latter has been somewhat marginalized since English has been used in everything from judicial documents to national websites. Maintaining bilingual websites, records, etc., has proven to […]

New government leads to an ideological shift

Alliance for Unixploria has announced a new Declaration of Governance for the Kingdom of Unixploria on several media outlets. We are the first newspaper to print the declaration in its entirety. We, The Alliance of Unixploria, hereby declare our commitment to the following principles and values that will guide our vision of governance and society: […]

Election results

The new government took its seat in parliament the day before yesterday. The Alliance for Unixploria won a landslide victory, gaining 8 percent of the votes since the previous election. AFU gained a full majority in parliament. Some minor changes are to be expected. The first items on the new government’s agenda are a review […]

Hamas guilty of terror, according to Fatwa

Hamas is guilty of terror against its population and must not be supported. This is stated by an Iraq-based Muslim council that issued a fatwa against the militant Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas. A few weeks ago, the so-called Islamic Fatwa Council, which includes Muslim scholars from Sunni and Shia Islam and is based in the […]

Reading in the Age of Digital Speed

On average, we spend four hours on screens and only half an hour on books and magazines. When children learn to write, they do not make spaces between words but line up the letters in close succession, one after the other. It looks strange but is natural. Because when we speak, we don’t pause between […]

The Unixplorian Certificate of Micronational Creativity 2022

Each year, the Unixplorian Certificate of Micronational Creativity is awarded to individuals or micronations for their creative endeavors. The certificate is a way to encourage and inspire micronational leaders to be more creative. This year’s recipient is Prince David Bielski of New Masovia. “It is an honour for us to present the Unixplorian Certificate of […]

The French Academy, Putin, and Fascism

“The immortals” is what members of the French Academy, founded by Cardinal de Richelieu, are called. The French Academy is cultivating a new friendship today – with Vladimir Putin. The Academy’s permanent secretary Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, born in Georgia and author of numerous books on Russian history, has repeatedly received Putin in the Academy’s substantial […]

Unappreciated male behavior

Many new words have described typically masculine behaviors in recent years. The examples vary from mansplaining – men who unannouncedly explain things to women they did not ask for – to manspreading – men who burst and take up an awful lot of space without regard to their fellow human beings. Of course, it can […]

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