All Questions Matter!

In the wake of the protests following the murder of George Floyd, Someone recently asked us if we support Black Lives Matter. We just answered that we stand behind Human Rights. The answer still stands, but we would like to elaborate on our stance.

We do believe in every person’s right to equal opportunity without being persecuted because of color, creed, sexual orientation, or gender. We do not, however, believe that anyone should be treated differently for the same reasons.

We do not find preferential treatment beneficiary for a society; merits alone are enough to determine if a person is suitable for a position, whether it is a job or education. So, our answer to your question is, no, we don’t support any specific ethnicity, but we do believe in equal rights for all based on merits.

That being said, all citizens have a right to protest to make their voices heard, but not when our democratic authorities have clearly stated a need for social distancing. It wasn’t their opinions, as much as how they went about it, that upset us. In any protest, there will be some shady characters too.

In our neighboring macronations, as well as in the US, there were criminal elements involved in the protests and riots. Let the police deal with them. That’s also why we’re hesitant about putting George Floyd on a gold pedestal. Police officer Derek Chauvin didn’t follow protocol when he murdered him, but Floyd was a criminal. I hope the criminal justice system in America and elsewhere will shed some light on all of this, and sentence the guilty parties according to the law. I hope this answers your question.