Important Information about the Novel Coronavirus

No cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Kingdom of Unixploria. So far. We live and work in a global world, and we live within the borders of a macronation that is suffering from the outbreak right now.

Our macronational friends have taken steps to ensure that the further spread of the virus halts, but new cases keep adding to the list every day.

Please listen to the authorities. No one gets the first prize for being arrogant or downright stupid. The disease is real, folks, and it’s spreading. Do everything you can to prevent the virus from spreading further. Wash your hands, avoid unnecessary social contact, and stay at home if you have any symptoms whatsoever.

We cooperate with our macronational authorities concerning the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. If you live within the borders of Sweden and have questions about the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), please don’t hesitate to contact your macronational agencies.

A virus doesn’t stop at any border control. Stay safe!