New language policy passed in parliament

The government, led by Alliance for Unixploria, passed a new bill (UB 100:1A:7.6.2023) in parliament concerning our kingdom’s language policy. In short, it will give non-native English users more freedom to use local languages. In return, English will remain the official language of the Kingdom and Empire of Unixploria.

Official and National Languages of the Kingdom of Unixploria

To provide an equal condition of language learning in society and enhance multilingualism in education, the government of Unixploria will launch a three-language policy. This policy is established to allow

(1) The use of any local languages throughout the Empire;

(2) Swedish to be used for Unixploria Proper;

(3) English to be used as the language of instruction and official

communication used in the Kingdom and Empire of Unixploria.

The primary language of all official institutions will continue to be English[1]. English is the lingua franca and the primary language used in business, government, law, and education.

The Codex Unixploria and all government affairs shall be written in English. Statutory corporations will continue to conduct their businesses in English, while any official documents written in a local or national language such as Swedish, German, or Spanish are to be translated into English to be accepted for use.

The Kingdom of Unixploria will only endorse English and Swedish but encourage citizens of the Empire to learn and use the local languages.

We will continue to allow texts written in English and Swedish[2] on our digital platforms. However, the primary language used on our national websites will be English.[3]

Protocols from assemblies or meetings shall be transcribed in English. A translated copy of any text written in another language besides English can be obtained for a nominal fee from The Scribes of Unixploria.

All citizens of Unixploria Proper should be fluent in Swedish and English. Citizens of any Colonial Province should be articulate in the surrounding local language, fluent in English, and learn enough Swedish to use it as a secondary language.[4]

The Official Language of Unixploria is English, and the National Language of Unixploria is Swedish.

[1] We have decided to use the American English variation since most of our citizens are more familiar with American spelling

[2] We use a variation of Swedish called Unixplorian Swedish. For the most part, this dialect and the dialects spoken in Sweden and Finland are mutually intelligible, although some archaic use of words may occur. Most Swedish-speaking Unixplorians emphasize that Unixplorian Swedish is not a language separate from the Swedish of Sweden and Fenno-Swedish.

[3] At least 90 % of all texts on our official websites shall be written in English.

[4] You must score 650 or higher on the English Proficiency Index to be considered fluent in English. A vocabulary of 1000+ words is necessary to use Swedish as a second language. One thousand words allow you to understand about 80% of the language surrounding you, as long as it is not too specialized.

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